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BIG Architects – TEK

The danish architects from BIG, Bjarke Ingels Group, have designed a 53,000 m2 public urban block in Taipei, Taiwan.  ‘TEK’ which stands for ‘Technology, Entertainment and Knowledge center Taipei’, measures 57 x 57 x 57 m and is a cubic structure that hosts a spiraling street of activities related to contemporary technology and media.

BIG TEK 24 498x322 BIG Architects   TEK BIG TEK 25 498x351 BIG Architects   TEKBIG TEK 26 498x334 BIG Architects   TEK

Leading the public from the street level to the roof garden, the ascending spiral serves as the anchor to a number of programs, including shops, showrooms, offices, conference rooms, exhibition spaces, restaurants and galleries.

BIG TEK 20 498x320 BIG Architects   TEK

The layout is organized to best provide for each facility: daylight sensitive programs such as hotel rooms and offices resides on the perimeter, while retail and exhibition spaces occupy the core.

BIG TEK 18 498x320 BIG Architects   TEK

The volume is finished in concrete lamellas, a system of stacked plate-like pieces that provide solar shading as well as aid in public access. The facade is a generous public staircase while on the roof level, the inward form houses an arena-like space for informal social gatherings.

BIG TEK 22 498x328 BIG Architects   TEK

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