Daniel Libeskind - Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre 1

Daniel Libeskind – Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre

This interesting project from Daniel Libeskind  is called Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre and it was built for the City University Hong Kong. The bold and impactful forms are two of the main characteristics of the architect’s work.

The Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre for the City University of Hong Kong provides facilities that make the University the first in Asia to offer the highest level of education and training in the creative media fields. The Centre  houses the Centre for Media Technology and the Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology.

The distinctive design creates an extraordinary range of spaces rich in form, light, and material that, together, create an inspiring environment for research and creativity. Internal activity spaces have been designed specifically to encourage collaboration through openness and connectivity. The Centre  also serves as an exciting place for visitors, who are welcomed to enjoy the facilities as part of an extended public outreach program of courses and events.

The facility also include a multi-purpose theatre, sound stages, laboratories, classrooms, exhibition spaces, a cafe and a restaurant.  Secluded landscaped gardens to the north of the building are available for students and for the general public as well.

Daniel Libeskind’s projects are always at the extremes of architecture: one can either love them, or hate them. The abrupt forms, scanty spaces, undefined boundaries, these are the features of an architecture that excites. And I guess our dull, chaotic cities need some feeling and imagination.



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