1938 roses heroiques (1)

Paul Klee – Painter

Paul Klee (December 18, 1879 – 29 June, 1940), was a Swiss expressionist painter, professor, writer and illustrator. He was one of the most important artists of the twentieth century and an important theorist of art, considered a model and an inspiration to younger generations.

1938 roses heroiques 1 498x651 Paul Klee   Painter 1938 parc pres de lu 1938 498x746 Paul Klee   Painter

He was influenced by Picasso and Braque in the cubist period. Paul Klee made ​​a splendid trip to Tunisia and Kairuan, which turned out to be an unique spiritual experience. He seeks into nature and in the real universe the specific meaning according to his own artistic vision. He tends to surrealism, where the figurative interpenetrates with abstract, the static architectural elements with the dynamic ones. His paintings go from figurative to abstract, from humor to delirious. In addition to formal logic in the strict sense, he sought a dream language, a subtlety in the atmosphere, but also a symbolic of images and signs.

1938 Madre e Hijo 1938 498x539 Paul Klee   Painter 1939 Laurore pointe 1 498x551 Paul Klee   Painter 1927 prince noir 1 498x621 Paul Klee   Painter 1927 eclair contenu 1927 498x749 Paul Klee   Painter 1939 Underwater Garden 1 498x373 Paul Klee   Painter 1932 mozliwosci nad morzem 1932 498x506 Paul Klee   Painter 1939 Park of Idols 2 498x796 Paul Klee   Painter 1929 Monument dans la contrée fertile 2 498x752 Paul Klee   Painter 1932 Ad Parnassum 4 498x400 Paul Klee   Painter 1929 Felsenkammer Paul Klee 1929 498x373 Paul Klee   Painter 1960 Erro sobre verde  498x528 Paul Klee   Painter

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