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Animal Farm or How To Turn Glass Bottles Into Lamps

Animal Farm is a series of six animal form lamps, made from upcycled glass bottles by industrial designer Nishi Chauhan. These fun and playful creatures were created using a wood and lac turnery craft of Channapatna in Karnataka, India. The perfect combination of
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Geometric Street Art By Aakash Nihalani

Brooklyn-based artist Aakash Nihalani embellishes the urban landscape with his fluorescent geometric shapes that float in midair and cut through buildings, skewing the perspective and disorienting the viewer.
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Amazing Needle And Thread Portraits By Cayce Zavaglia

Originally trained as a painter, Cayce Zavaglia turned to a more unconventional mean of representing people's portraits. Her "paintings" are actually embroidered artworks, that from a distance look like photorealistic paintings, but when seen up-close, the needle
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Black Ruby Collection By Debbie Wijskamp

This fantastic housewares collection is the creation of dutch industrial designer Debbie Wijskam. Black Ruby is a series of pots and bowls handcrafted from recycled rubber powder. The technique of creating these unique pieces was developed by Debbie herself,
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Stunning Floating Lamps Collection

Mix-matching classic style with cutting edge technology, this amazing collection of hovering lamps steps out of the sci-fi world, right into your living room, jazzing up the space and creating a timeless visual conversation piece.
n 2008, Montblanc released a limited-edition Charlie Chaplin skeleton pen. It featured gears and a cane for the pen clip.

Steampunk Pens, Signing Your Name In Style

Barely used anymore, pens have become stylish and luxurious writing instruments, combining innovation and design, with traditional craftsmanship, as well as reflecting the owner's status. Here's a collection of one-of-a-kind steampunk pens that will make you stand
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Dami Collection by Seung Yong Song

Inspired by the weaving structure of baskets, the Dami collection designed by Seung Yong Song, stands out through its beautiful modern look, combined with the traditional Korean grille design.
tjep - ROC Economy

Frank Tjepkema – Mind Blowing Furniture And Interior Design

Frank Tjepkema is the mastermind behind the Tjep. brand, a studio of incredibly creative designers that bring a little bit of Amsterdam into the world of product design. From accessories, to furniture and installations, the team breaks the conventional, reflecting