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"Autumn Pond"  - Recycled paper packaging mosaic

Michael Sweere – Mosaic Art

Michael Sweere is a talented artist from Minneapolis, whose work consists in fine art mosaics, created with recycled materials like paper packaging items, tins, cans, glasses, coffee cups, dishes, plates, or any other type of material that can be cut into pieces and reassembled into these amazing works of art.
re-turned by beller 6

Lars Beller – Re-Turned

The concept behind the Re-Turned bird series is very simple: you take a leftover piece of wood, usually considered trash, and you turn it into a fantastic item of design. And because it's made from 100% recycled materials, it's the perfect gift for the
The d’Álbe stool, with its organic shape, is inspired by the anchoring tripods found in the harbor.

Staffan Holm – A View From The North

Staffan Holm is a perfect example of that well known scandinavian style, that fascinates through refinement and simplicity. Born in 1977, the Swedish designer juggles with interior architecture, industrial design and furniture design, combining "the poetry of
bambi chair 2

Kamina&C – The Bambi Chair

Japanese design group, Kamina&C, created this incredibly cute series of chairs for kids, inspired by the cartoon character, Bambi. And they've actually entitled one of the chairs, Bambi Chair. Take a look!
hillary coe 6

Hillary Coe – Can Love

Hillary Coe is an artist with a great passion for everything recyclable. And spray cans make it at the top of her list. Scatter around everywhere, these cause considerable damage to the environment, so the artist had the brilliant idea of turning them into

Matteo Cainer Architects – The Green-Egg

Now in its 10th year, the ‘Art in the Easter Egg’ has become an annual event where uniquely crafted eggs are donated by 40 artists, architects and designers to raise funds for ANLAIDS Lazio (National Association Act against AIDS). ‘Eco-sustainable’, the
Rami Tareef COD – Craft-Oriented Design. Rami’s project tries to study the differences and similarities between craft and modern innovative design. It examines the borders of hybridisation between them, stretches them, and tries to remain with something identifiable with the past. The woven furniture that he created is based on traditional craft and preserves its production values together with massive industrial design.

Bezalel’s Design Bonanza at Milan Design Week 2012

For the second year running, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design will display its innovative, unique and creative designs at the Ventura Lambrate Collective Space during the Milan Salone Internazionale del Mobile this April.
Horse with No Shadow

Makoto Tojiki – Light And Shadow Sculptures

Japan based artist and designer, Makoto Tojiki uses light as his primary medium for creating these truly unique light sculptures. The interplay of light and shadows is captured in the shape of these images, "as ephemeral and enigmatic as shadow itself".