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Air Cliker Camera Concept 5

Yeon Su Kim – Air Cliker Camera Concept

Who says you need the whole camera to make a moment last forever? Designer Yeon Su Kim created this camera concept that peels off all the unnecessary elements of a digital camera, like frame, screen and so on. So what's left? A Bluetooth enabled camera lens and a
valentine's day cards 16

Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Cards

Nothing warms up more the freezing cold month of February like the up-coming Valentine's Day and nothing warms up more your beloved one's heart like a gift. And if the world's economy has left your pockets empty, better show your love with a super-cute, love
Barbie jewelry collection 1

Margaux Lange – Plastic Body Jewelry Collection

The Barbie doll is back in fashion. Or maybe just parts of her. Wanting to re-purpose mass produced materials into handmade, wearable art, designer Margaux Lange created the Plastic Body Series art jewelry collection, using salvaged Barbie doll parts in
Wedding Photography by scribe

15 Creative Photography-Themed Logos

As we continue our logo designs series, it's time to bring the photographer to the foreground. Not every dude with a kick-ass camera and artistic attitude gets to be called a photographer. But he gets a second chance if he comes up with a cool logo. Check out these
Mangas Collection 6

Patricia Urquiola – Mangas Collection

There is a new trend in the world of interior design, and it takes us back in time to the old days when our grandmothers used to work magic with their hands. Yes, we're talking about knitting. Those big, chunky knits that invite you to idle in front of the fire

Shiner International – Creative Seating Collection

Every room we step foot in, the chairs take center stage. Wood, steel, plastic, upholstery, or any other material you can think of, the good ol' chair simply invites you to sit down and relax. But Shiner takes it up to the next level. With their killer designs, the
Mayrah Wine, Taltarni Vineyards

Creative Wine Label Designs

Besides giving a prior idea about the content of the liquor (like percentage of alcohol, the process of manufacturing, ingredients, flavor), the wine label has to catch the eye of the costumer. Even a non-wine expert can be allured by the Bacchic nectar if it's
bOne chair 8

The bOne Chair

Looking for a chair that conforms to you, changes its look and is very human? Maybe the bOne Chair is exactly what you need. Interior design firm JDF Raum und Kunst designed this playful chair specially for people with a sense of humor.