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Studio Lawrence – To Gather

Designers and architects at Studio Lawrence created this unique, playful and sophisticated Tetris like collection entitled To Gather. The elements of this collection are designed to be pieced together, creating combinations that are in a continuous transformation, and also giving a new perspective to travelers, friends, family, colleagues or clients that now can interact and explore together.
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Andrew Tanner – Delicate Ceramics Collection

From plates, teapots and cups, to delicately silhouette carved wall plates, Britt artist Andrew Tanner creates new marriages between traditional manufacturing, craft and product design with an undoubted passion.
1960 Ford Galaxie Starliner 2-Door Hardtop Coupe

Classic Cars Typography Designs

A car's name speaks for itself. But the way that name is written makes the difference. Here are some fantastic examples of typography designs on classic cars. Enjoy!
Melonette Font - A type experiment font based on Kiwis, mixed with an Art Deco style.

Best Typography Examples

One picture can speak a thousand words, they say. But nothing speaks more to you than...words. Words, letters, characters are everywhere. We bump on them each day: in the streets, on the buildings, on our clothes, on objects we get in contact with, on TV. And
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Samsung Galaxy Flexi Skin Smartphone Concept

If the perfect smartphone would exist, what features would it have? Super slim, flexible screen that can be turned into anything you want (including a wrist watch), projector, camera? Seems like designers already thought about all that and they came up with this
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Chris Mesher – The Newborn Lounge Chair

This chair is the graduation project of British designer Chris Mesher. He is exploring new sculptural forms combined with some of the ideologies of the modernist movement, creating a practical, future-oriented and functional design.
The famous coffee brand was named after Starbuck, a character in Herman Melville's novel "Moby Dick"

20 Famous Brands And Their Names

Ever wonder where the most famous brands in the world got their names from? Was it like a big brainstorming session or just a moment of pure genius? Find out in the following post! (via Demilked)
Buenos Aires-based designer Georgina Pizzabiocche created this fun little seating from  corrugated cardboard taken from defective industrial waste boards. It's easily transported and assembled on-spot without the need or glue or other tools.

Cardboard Furniture

Ever thought of designing your interior with cardboard furniture? Well, designers have, and the result is just awesome. From simple decorative objects, to chairs, tables and bookshelves, this corrugated material can be transformed into lightweight yet sturdy pieces