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Ryan Mrozowski

Ryan Mrozowski gathers seemingly unrelated imagery to propose all kinds of strange scenarios. In his paintings we see that mysterious events are happening, that something is happening, but we don’t quite know what and we cannot / have no means to explain it.
Danielle Huey Kimzey 22

Danielle Huey Kimzey

The conscious exercise of remembering and forgetting is a vehicle for the generation of imagery in my paintings. I am fascinated with how a specific sense of place and time can form our personal history and identity, and yet when we are isolated from this context,
Scott Musgrove - TheRestingPlace

Scott Musgrove – Painter and Sculptor

Scott Musgrove unearths previously undiscovered animals through a dedicated and scientifically un-approved practice of zoological impressionism. A lonestar in the field, he ventures where the gray-maned, khaki-clad, anthropologists with ivory walking sticks have

Paintings And Art Photography – Sandy Skogland

American artist and photographer Sandy Skogland (Sandy Skoglund), who lives and works in New Jersey, creates strange surrealist paintings and photographic works. This is a fictional world, full of bright colors, of more or less familiar characters.
Teiji Hayama yell

Teiji Hayama – Painter

Teiji Hayama’s paintings join together western and Japanese influences, combining different art historical periods varying from Christian art, Greek mythology to contemporary Japanese pop culture and Ukiyo-E.
Hyuro Street Art 17

Street Art / Wall Art By Hiyuro

Argentine artist Hiyuro (Hyuro) creates work in a style very different from the usual graffiti, but in fact this is a street art. Living in Spain, she draws very poetic, sometimes eerie, pictures, bizzare characters that settle on the walls and fences of local
© Mark Boyle

Mark Boyle – Painter

In my early years, I explored ravines and woods near my house. Often being late for dinner lost in another world. A serious interest in painting developed at 11 years old.

Michael Klein

Michael Klein is a talented painter with a unique sensitivity towards nature, which he acquired at a young age. Growing up in the Midwest Michael placed the highest importance on staying truthful to what he was experiencing in life through his paintings.