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Sonya Kanelstrand (8)

Sonya Kanelstrand’s Surreal Photography

Sonya Kanelstrand is a Norwegian photographer whose art goes beyond what meets the eye, uncovering the inner beauty of the landscape, a realm of surreal bursting with creativity, where our mind and soul are free. She draws inspiration from the nature, with all its
Julie de Waroquier (4)

Oneiric Photographs By Julie de Waroquier

Julie de Waroquier is a self-taught French photographer who started photography in 2008. Her works are very subtle, undefined, almost invisible, like a magical world that only Julie can reveal for us. With slight modifications of light and color, her photographs
flower art by valentina (2)

Beautiful Flower Photographs By Valentina

Delicate, yet so remarkably strong. This is how Italian photographer Valentina sees these beautiful flowers. Her series of macro-photography brings out the complexity of a simple flower, evoking its natural curves and bold colors in contrast with a pure black background.
Ocean in the Mind

Surreal Photography By Eleonora Gadducci

Eleonora Gadducci is an Italian young photographer, living and working in Pisa. She draws inspiration in literature, music and nature, while her works have a eerie, magical feel, creating a surreal dimension parallel to daily life.
Florent Tanet (1)

A Colorful Winter By Florent Tanet

A Colorful Winter is a series of whimsical photographs by Florent Tanet showing ingenious arrangements of fruits and vegetables, placed on pastel backgrounds. Enjoy!
Wataru Yoshida (7)

Composition Of Mammals By Wataru Yoshida

Composition of mammals is a series of posters created by Japanese illustrator Wataru Yoshida as a mock-up exhibition for the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo which studies the anatomy of mammals with displays of taxidermy and skulls. The posters were
fulvio bonavia (4) tmb

A Matter Of Taste – Amazing Photographs By Fulvio Bonavia

Passion for fashion goes hand in hand with the love for food, or at least this is how award winning Italian photographer Fulvio Bonavia sees things. Know for his creative and unique imagery, Bonavia crafted a collection of jewelry, accessories, handbags, and shoes