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Geraldine Lamanna - Powder Dance crop

Powder Dance by Geraldine Lamanna

A great flickr find this week is from German photographer Geraldine Lamanna, where she captures stunning dancing moves of dancers throwing chalk in the air. The series was inspired by Adele's video, "Rolling in the deep".

Diana Debord – Fine Art Photography

Diana Debord is a fine art photographer born in 1984. She is based in Novara, Italy where she resides with two female cats. She creates images that merge decadent romanticism with dreamlike atmospheres, drawing inspiration from dreams or nightmares, paintings and books.
tim flach 3

Tim Flach – More Than Human

With his new series entitled "More Than Human", London-based photographer and wildlife enthusiast, Tim Flach, gives a more human meaning to the word "wild". He captures the animals in a very unique way, giving them a very human like expression. Enjoy this
Merit Winner - Looking into Another World Photo by Fred An, a shot of the great Japanese maple tree in the Portland Japanese Gardens

Winners Of The National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2012

With more than 12,000 entries from 6,615 talented photographers in 152 countries around the world, the 24th annual photo contest of the National Geographic Traveler magazine has announced its winners. Serene landscapes, beautiful scenery, and instantaneous shots
Fawn, 2009

Cubs By Oleg Dou

Moscow based photographer Oleg Dou gives a more modern interpretation to the practice of child funeral portraits. His whimsical series "Cubs" gathers a collection of child portraits, where the subjects are presented with animal features, like antlers, ears, or fur.
Your beautiful eyes 7

A Closer Look Into Your Beautiful Eyes

Look deep into my eyes and tell me what you see! Don't bother, you won't see nothing near the beauty of these remarkable eye close-ups by Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan. So go ahead, be amazed!
Storms 2

Winners Of The 2012 Sony World Photography Awards

This years winner of the 2012 Sony World Photography Awards Photographer of the Year is American photographer Mitch Dobrowner. He was presented with the coveted L'Iris d'Or during the Sony World Photography Awards Gala ceremony at the Hilton Hotel in London’s