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Frieke Janssens – Smoking Kids

With her series "Smoking Kids", Belgian photographer Frieke Janssens focuses on the issue of smoking, drawing the viewers attention on the aesthetics of smoke and the particular way smokers gesticulate with their hands and posture.
Christmas ads 21

Funniest Christmas Ads

It's Christmas eve and and the race is on for the seasons' best ad. Here's a compilation of a few of the coolest and funniest ads that you've probably already seen. A magical Christmas to you all!
Iliamna Volcano, Alaska - Photograph by Michael Melford, National Geographic

20 Amazing Snow Photos

Because it's winter, and because in winter it's all about the snow, here are a few outstanding photos of winter landscapes from all around the world. Enjoy!
Aqueous Fluoreau

Mark Mawson – Aqueous Fluoreau

Mark Mawson is a London and Sydney based photograph, famous for his numerous photo-shootings for advertising agencies & magazines. Here we show you an amazing series of fourteen underwater ink photographs entitled Aqueous Fluoreau. Enjoy!
Sale! Photography, Paint & Mixed media

Sequoia Emmanuelle – Creative Photography

With her unique style and creativity, LA based artist Sequoia Emmanuelle breaks the boundaries of conventional photography, adorning her photos with her passion for painting, wardrobe styling, film, graphic design and fashion.
Bubble in the Hat

Heinz Maier – High Speed Water Droplets

These are some pretty impressive high speed photo shots of liquids and bubbles taken by German photographer Heinz Maier. The colors, the lightning, the symmetry or asymmetry in the water reflection make these delicate high speed water droplets seem surreal, a true
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Irina Werning – Back To The Future

Irina Werning is a Argentinian photographer who loves living in the past. And, no, she didn't invent the time machine, but she came up with the next best thing: taking old photos of people and reenacting them today.