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Rafa Zubiria 3

Rafa Zubiria – No Way Home

Rafa Zubiria is a surprising and versatile photographer, whos disturbing photos defy with dreamlike surrealism the politically correct positions. In his works we discover a formally sophisticated artist that confronts us with beautiful, evocative and sensual images.
Matthew Rainwaters 1

Matthew Rainwaters – Artistic Beards

Matthew Rainwaters was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, which is the part of Los Angeles nobody likes to talk about. He did a lot of skateboarding when he was younger, broke a lot of bones, and spent hours filming his friends. Making skate videos
Jordan Matter - Dancers among us 1

Jordan Matter – Dancers among us

"Dancers among us" is the name of one of the most unusual projects of American photographer Jordan Matter, who is presented with modesty, as "one of the 1,567,892 photographers in New York ".
Arno Rafael Minkkinen - Photographer 3

Arno Rafael Minkkinen – Photographer

Photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinen was born in 1945 in Helsinki, but grew up and studied in the United States. He is a photographer, writer, professor of art and collector. For over three decades he has made abstract black-and-white photographic works, with
Tom Hoops - Portraits from the Dark Side 23

Tom Hoops – Portraits from the Dark Side

Born in England in the early 70's, Tom Hoops is a self-taught freelance photographer, who splits his time between Europe, Asia and America. He stands out among other artists with his extraordinary subjects, abusing the black and white to create a truly unique style
James Grigg - Geometric Autumn 10

James Grigg – Geometric Autumn

James Grigg is a multimedia artist, graduate of the Contemporary Lens Media course at the University of Lincoln. His portfolio gathers works from different fields including architecture, nudes, still life, documentary and also conceptual series inspired from
Carnovsky RGB 1

Carnovsky – RGB, new exhibition in Tokyo at Rooms 23

Milan based duo Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla , also known as Carnosvky had their latest exhibition in Tokyo at Rooms 23 on September 13,14 and 15 , 2011. The RGB is a work where the three layers of an image live together, exploring the “surface’s
Aysha Remeithi - Fairytale Photosession for Fendi 4

Aysha Remeithi – Fairytale Photosession for Fendi

Even if Summer is at its end, we couldn't overlook this splendid photosession of Fendi spring/summer 2011 bags and accessories collection. The atmosphere feels a lot like Alice in Wonderland, with an ultra fashionable touch. The author of these awesome photos is