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Body Worlds 25

Body Worlds – The controversial exhibition

Body Worlds (german title: Körperwelten) is a traveling exhibition of preserved human bodies and body parts that are prepared using a technique called plastination to reveal inner anatomical structures. The exhibition's developer and promoter is German anatomist
Marina Bychkova - Porcelain Dolls 11

Marina Bychkova: Porcelain Dols

Graceful and beautiful, sweet and mysterious, delicate and playful. These porcelain beauties created by Marina Bychkova represent undoubtedly the ideal of “eternal feminine.”
yang yongliang 2

Yang Yongliang: Cigarette Ash Landscape

Yang Yongliang is a chinese photographer and artist. His latest installation represents the tip of a huge cigarette sculpture hung vertically. The form of cigarette ash is taken from three-dimensional collages of photographs.
Sayaka Ganz - Whirl13s

Sayaka Ganz

My working process is reminiscent of my experiences growing up in several different countries, of being disconnected from the place I was born. Then, I began searching for a new community where I truly belong. I find discarded objects from peoples’ houses and

Art Installations By Jacob Dahlgren

Since Warhol immortalised the packaging of everyday life, from Brillo boxes to Campbell's cans, new products cannot be launched without an intimate consideration of the means by which they are presented.
Andrea Petrachi Himatic 17

Andrea Petrachi / Himatic – Robotic Sculptures

Andrea Petrachi a.k.a. Himatic creates his robotic sculptures from things most of people simply throw away. His work is based on the assembly of ordinary objects, broken electronics,recycled materials and old toys.