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Amber Cowan 1sm

Delicate Glass Sculptures By Amber Cowan

Philadelphia-based sculptor Amber Cowan creates these amazing and intricate glass pieces using techniques like flameworking, blowing, and hot-sculpting. Her delicate and beautiful sculptures are created from recycled or found glass that is usually American pressed
david adey 1

Skin Collages By David Adey

Artist David Adey creates these intricate collages by cutting fragments of printed skin from magazine photographs. The original photos are this way reconstructed from thousands of tiny scraps, cut into various geometric shapes and arranged in such a way that they
alex queral 11

Faces In The Phone Book By Alex Queral

Alex Queral transforms the ordinary phone book into a creative piece of art, carving into its pages funny caricatures of famous people. Can't stop wondering though if putting a face inside a phone book, makes it a face book. Enjoy!
sabi van hemert-thmb

Sabi van Hemert – Creative Baby Sculptures

Sabi van Hemert is a Rotterdam based artist whose baby-like sculptures you will definitely remember. Funny and weird at the same time, his creations hide behind their shapes, representing a fusion between human babies and animals, leaving you guessing and
jea-hyo lee 1

Jea-Hyo Lee – Suspended Stones Installations

Korean artist Jae-Hyo Lee uses natural stones to create these inspiring installations, giving a new meaning to the world around us by rearranging this natural material into a three dimensional, man-built construction. The shapes of the stones vary, from round to
Kumi Yamashita 7

The Art Of Kumi Yamashita

Born in Japan, New York based artist Kumi Yamashita fascinates us with her intricate and distinctive works. Famous for her Light and Shadow collection, the artist shows off her incredible talent and imagination with the Constellation gallery, where she uses three
Jaume Plensa

Kiev Sculpture Project Festival 2012

The first international festival of contemporary sculpture in Kiev, Ukraine opened June 2nd, 2012. The goal of the Kiev Sculpture Project Festival is to emphasize the role of plastic arts in the city, as well as the relationship between sculpture and people. The

The Talbotics Of Tal Avitzur

Making art from junk seems to be a new artistic trend among aspiring artists, and the creativity of the new emerging art forms is limitless. Santa Barbara based artist, Tal Avitzur, creates these unique, whimsical robots from scraps of metal or any other parts that