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Stillness in motion, 2003 - Locally reclaimed willow branches and wire

Olga Ziemska – Beautiful Sculptures

Olga Ziemska is a sculptor and public artist that lives and works in Cleveland. Her works are a beautiful merge of nature, philosophy, and science, bringing the awareness of some concepts as cellular formations or magnetism, that are invisible to the naked eye.
carlo borer 1

Carlo Borer – Creative Sculptures

Carlo Borer is a freelance artist living and working in Wanzwil, Switzerland. He develops his objects in virtual space using CAD software, then, using lasers and a very sophisticated craftsmanship, he turns his art into real life sculptures.

Sayaka Ganz – Reclaimed Objects Sculptures

Indiana based artist, Sayaka Ganz has an obvious fascination for animals, creating magnificent sculptures that give the feel of motion, but when looked up close, you can really see the many individual objects used in creating them.
Nouveau Larousse Illustre, Vol 7 - cut encyclopedia, 1898

Alexander Korzer-Robinson – Book Sculpting

Alexander Korzer-Robinson is an UK-based artist, whose works make reading a whole new experience. He makes book sculptures, cutting around some of the illustrations and removing others. His base materials are antiquarian books, that have been stripped of their
Horse with No Shadow

Makoto Tojiki – Light And Shadow Sculptures

Japan based artist and designer, Makoto Tojiki uses light as his primary medium for creating these truly unique light sculptures. The interplay of light and shadows is captured in the shape of these images, "as ephemeral and enigmatic as shadow itself".
zim&zou 1

Zim & Zou – Creative Paper Art

Zim & Zou is a French graphic design studio located in Nancy. Founded by Lucie Thibault and Thomas Zimmermann, the studio explores a contemporary design, experimenting with different fields including paper sculpture, installation, graphic design, illustration.
Lions Head

Tommy Craggs – Tree Sculpting

Talented British artist Tommy Craggs creates these amazing sculptures using his skills with the chainsaw. All his carvings are made from naturally fallen trees or that need to be felled down. He brings them back to life in his unique way, revealing the true beauty

Derek Kinzett – Wire Sculptures

These stunning sculptures are the work of British sculptor Derek Kinzett , whose works have gained recognition for their intricacy and spirituality, receiving commissions from clients such as Tim Green of the Tate Gallery, Lord Ethan Stewart and the Actor Nicolas Cage.