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Untitled, 2010, Computer keyboard and collage on cardboard, 41x56,7cm

Maurice Mbikayi – Mixed Media Collages

Maurice Mbikayi was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1974. He attended the Academies des Beaux Arts and graduated with a diploma in Graphic Design and visual communication in 2000, then decided to expand his horizons and moved to South Africa in
Mullanium 6

Mullanium – Steampunk Songbirds

Mullanium is the brand that Jim and Tori Mullan have created out of their love for nature, antiques and jewelry, expressed through a vast collection of vintage hardware, bird carvings and watches.

Gordon Bennett – Robot Works

New York based artist Gordon Bennett gives a totally new meaning to the saying: "another man's trash is another man's treasure". With his talent and skills, Bennett turned a passion into a very successful source of income with his fantastic robot sculptures series.
Greg Brotherton 1

Greg Brotherton – Brotron

Born in Ames, Iowa, in 1968, Greg Brotherton spent the majority of his youth in Utah and Colorado. He began showing interest in the mechanical at the age of five, when he began disassembling anything with screws in it. He's a graduate of the Colorado Academy of
Hunter Stabler 1

Hunter Stabler – Intricate Paper Art

Hunter Stabler takes the art of paper-cutting to a whole new level. With a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania, Hunter has the education and skills to pursue his art.
Nick Georgiou

Nick Georgiou – Creative Paper Sculptures

As we enter more and more into the digital era, the written word printed on paper it's becoming an artifact of the 21st century. Arizona based artist, Nick Georgiou, has found an unique way to pay homage to the printed word by creating portraits out of news papers.
cal lane 1

Cal Lane – Soft Hardware

If you've ever wondered how can one womanize a barrow and a spade... well, you have too much free time. Anyway, the answer is given by Cal Lane. The artist uses the contradiction to create these empathic scenery. Her works reunite opposite concepts like
Katsuyo Aoki 4

Katsuyo Aoki – Porcelain Skulls

Katsuyo Aoki’s porcelain skull sculptures feature meticulous vanilla white curly patterned details, that look like they could be made of coral–or maybe icing.