BucharEST International Film Festival 2010

The 6th. edition of BucharEST International Film Festival  will take place between 20th and 25th April 2010.

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All students, regardless of university, have free access, based on their student id.

BucharEST International Film Festival (B-EST IFF) is the first major feature film competition organized in Bucharest, starting with 2005.

caravanacinematografica b est iff 2 BucharEST International Film Festival 2010

The aim of the festival has been to become a forum that encourages new cinema trends. We wish to discover new talents, to promote young filmmakers that have achieved recognition both at a national level, as well as in prestigious international competitions. We wish to bring a selection of best quality films to the cinema audience of Bucharest, and we invite you to take part in this event.

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B-EST is a festival dedicated to art cinema, but also to those that want to express something new and different through film. Although the focus is represented by independent creations, low and medium-budget productions, B-EST has always managed to include important international awarded films in its selections.

There are two competitive sections:

  1. feature film competition
  2. fiction short film competition

Other sections, not included in the competition:

  • „Cinema Lesson” – workshop held by our special guests, on their work (the themes are chosen by the guests themselves)
  • Special Events – Opening and Awards Gala, discussions (Q&A), master-classes, special evenings, press conferences, interviews.

more info on b-est.ro

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