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Mono Tracer Peraves

Although it looks very much like a motorcycle, Mono Tracer Peraves is rather a car on two wheels, with one impressive and distinctive detail: the electric vehicle reaches 250km / h.

With room for driver and one passenger, the car is covered, has air conditioning, windshield wipers and is much safer than a motorcycle because its unique stability control. In addition, Mono Tracer Peraves is equipped with seat belts and stabilizers that keep the wheels of the vehicle in vertical position even when it’s not moving.

Mono Tracer Peraves was made ​​by a Swiss company whose purpose was to provide a two-wheeled electric vehicle, able to reach extreme speeds. Mono Tracer Peraves reaches 90 km / h in 5.5 seconds and can easily reach speeds of 250 km / h. This vehicle will be manufactured in 100 copies and will be sold for  $77,000. However, owners will be required to attend a training course which takes place in Switzerland. (via

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