Frank Gehry - Jewelery Design for Tiffany&Co 15

Frank Gehry – Jewelery Design for Tiffany&Co

After redefining the skylines with his organic shaped buildings, renowned architect Frank Gehry took on a new challange and reduced the scale of his designs to fit the human proportions and cretead an exclusive line of jewelry designed for the famous American jewelers Tiffany&Co.

Frank Gehry Jewelery Design for TiffanyCo 15 Frank Gehry   Jewelery Design for Tiffany&Co Frank Gehry Jewelery Design for TiffanyCo 6 498x336 Frank Gehry   Jewelery Design for Tiffany&CoFrank Gehry Jewelery Design for TiffanyCo 16 498x407 Frank Gehry   Jewelery Design for Tiffany&Co

The designer’s inspiration comes from two types of forms: the fish, already famous in his designs, which he transforms and adapts to the new function and dimensions, and the geometrical shape with pure and simple lines which he transforms in his characteristic way using torsion and creating interesting and dynamic plans and flowing surfaces.

Frank Gehry Jewelery Design for TiffanyCo 4 Frank Gehry   Jewelery Design for Tiffany&Co

„For me, design is about the process. Sketching and shaping three-dimensional models and conceptuali­zing different possibilities – this is the essence of creating, whether in architecture or jewelry or any other art form.” Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry Jewelery Design for TiffanyCo 3 498x498 Frank Gehry   Jewelery Design for Tiffany&Co

Frank Gehry Jewelery Design for TiffanyCo 13 Frank Gehry   Jewelery Design for Tiffany&Co

Frank Gehry Jewelery Design for TiffanyCo 5 498x465 Frank Gehry   Jewelery Design for Tiffany&Co

The Torque collection illustrated in the following images shows the fluid forms, the geometry but mostly difference from what is common in the world of jewelry. It is an interpretation of accessories that are adapted to the contemporary society, which has pure lines, organic forms and unconventional materials. It the main characteristic of Gehry’s style.

Frank Gehry Jewelery Design for TiffanyCo 1 Frank Gehry   Jewelery Design for Tiffany&Co Frank Gehry Jewelery Design for TiffanyCo 2 498x476 Frank Gehry   Jewelery Design for Tiffany&Co

The general shape of the torque bracelets is simple: a cube that is slightly rotated around its central axis. The movement gives a dynamic feel and catches the light in a gleaming play on each of the four surfaces of the bracelet. The edges are crisp, the lines pure with sharp angles, yet elegant and refined. (via Arhitectura)

Frank Gehry Jewelery Design for TiffanyCo 10 Frank Gehry   Jewelery Design for Tiffany&Co Frank Gehry Jewelery Design for TiffanyCo 11 Frank Gehry   Jewelery Design for Tiffany&Co Frank Gehry Jewelery Design for TiffanyCo 7 Frank Gehry   Jewelery Design for Tiffany&Co


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