alejandro de antonio

Alejandro de Antonio – Vinyl Portraits

Art Room is an innovative art project conceived by Seven Rooms, for customizing spaces with style, through an unique decorating service on demand. They put the textures in the service of art, transforming the urban essence of materials into an unusual canvas, and the result is this incredibly inspired collection for vinyl music lovers.

Antonio Alexander, David F. Russ and Enrique Hernandez, three of the artists that collaborated on this decorative project, developed this revolutionary concept, exploring the behavior of printing new media.

Original photographs and illustrations are printed on sheets of aluminum, plastic, acrylic, polypropylene, light boxes and other unconventional materials, placing such material at the epicenter of style and trend, and making them true collection items available to those who are looking to differentiate and understand the decoration of the space as an expression of themselves.

Via, Cargocollective

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