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Stunning Floating Lamps Collection

Mix-matching classic style with cutting edge technology, this amazing collection of hovering lamps steps out of the sci-fi world, right into your living room, jazzing up the space and creating a timeless visual conversation piece.

Eclipse 600x600 Stunning Floating Lamps Collection Silhouette 600x600 Stunning Floating Lamps Collection

floating lamps 1 600x400 Stunning Floating Lamps Collection

It’s not an optical illusion, it’s pure technology and science. The lamp is made of electromagnetic components and a sophisticated control system. In addition, the lamp includes the latest LED technology, making it low in power consumption.

floating lamps 406x900 Stunning Floating Lamps Collection

These modern appliances come in two styles, Silhouette, with a more traditional design, handcrafted wooden base and high glossy black finish, and the Eclipse, that focuses more on modernism, with its transparent glass base and drum shaped lampshade.

Eclipse 1 600x600 Stunning Floating Lamps Collection

The Silhouette and Eclipse were designed by Angela Jansen, a Design Academy Eindhoven graduate, and developed by Ger Jansen, a mechanical and electrical engineer. Together, they run the Floating Lamps, by Crealev.

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