Stunning Steel Sculptures By Regardt van der Meulen

Regardt van der Meulen is a practising artist who currently resides in Johannesburg. At the core of his works resides the human body, with its strength and fragility, uncovering its fears and illusion of safety.
Senka Music 008

Beautiful Photographs By Senka Mušić

Senka Mušić is a young graphic design and photography student at The Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Photography has always been her passion, but she began a more professional approach 3 years ago, and even won the title of the best
Karton Design (6)

Creative Cardboard Furniture By Karton Design

Never underestimate the power of cardboard. And it seems designer János Terbe had that in mind when establishing the Karton Design company. Located in Törökbálint, Hungary, the company creates these amazing pieces of furniture only from recycled paper, setting

Mixed Media Illustrations By Mariana

Mariana is a graphic designer and independent illustrator from Portugal, currently living in Zürich, Switzerland. Her works are bursting with shapes and colors, featuring symmetrical intricate patterns and organic forms crossed with sharp geometrical elements,
Salome Rigvava featured

The Art Of Salome Rigvava

Salome Rigvava is a 24 year old artist, living in Stuttgart, Germany. Born in Gagra Abkhazia,Georgia, Salome graduated from Apollon Kutateladze Tbilisi State Academy Of Art, Visual Art faculty, in 2011 with a Masters Degree.
good night lamp sm

The Good Night Lamp

The Good Night Lamp is a family of lamps that allows you to stay connected to your loved ones from everywhere in the world, just by flipping a switch. You just need to turn on the Big Lamp, and the little ones turn on as well.
maentis 8 thumb

99 Steps of Progress By Maentis

Maentis is a collective of artists from Paris specialized in graphic design, illustration and street art. Their main sources of inspiration are anthropology, environment but also imaginary and fantasy world.
Geraldine Lamanna - Powder Dance crop

Powder Dance by Geraldine Lamanna

A great flickr find this week is from German photographer Geraldine Lamanna, where she captures stunning dancing moves of dancers throwing chalk in the air. The series was inspired by Adele's video, "Rolling in the deep".