Feathers by Chris Maynard

Chris Maynard is an American artist and biologist whose slight obsession with feathers turns into amazing works of art. His creations honor both the feather's natural forms and the birds they came from.
16 Cabbit Mtn-B


Cabbit is an animated short film about a little animal spirit who spends its days with other spirits, exploring the wonderful natural world, unaware of the human world that surrounds it. Until one day, when it crosses path with some humans and their reckless driving.

Cirrus, A Dream In The Clouds By Dizajno

Daydreaming has never been sweeter with the new collection of upholstered furniture CIRRUS by Dizajno. Drawing its inspiration from the soft and fluffy clouds, the collection's curved shapes and sophisticated ergonomics define this unconventional contemporary piece
The Discus (2)

Deep Ocean Technology – The Water Discus Underwater Hotel

Designed by Polish company Deep Ocean Technology (DOT), The Water Discus hotel will be the world's largest underwater hotel, located in Dubai. Guests will get the experience of being in the very heart of the underwater world day and night.
fort bourtange 1

Fort Bourtange, The Star Of The Netherlands

Fort Bourtange is a star fort located in the village of Bourtange, Groningen, Netherlands. Built in 1593 under the orders of William the I of Orange, its original purpose was to control the only road between Germany and the city of Groningen, controlled by the
floating house 3

Robert Harvery Oshatz – Floating House

Located in Portland, Oregon, the Fennell residence, is one truly unique floating house. Designed by architect Robert Harvey Oshatz, this extraordinary house evokes the poetry of the ripples and contours of a river. (photos by Cameron Neilson)
animal farm 1

Animal Farm or How To Turn Glass Bottles Into Lamps

Animal Farm is a series of six animal form lamps, made from upcycled glass bottles by industrial designer Nishi Chauhan. These fun and playful creatures were created using a wood and lac turnery craft of Channapatna in Karnataka, India. The perfect combination of