yulia brodskaya portraits 2

Beautiful Quilling Portraits By Yulia Brodskaya

Yulia Brodskaya's works (previously here) are well known all around the world, being famous for their delicate intricacy, and also for the renowned brands that have chosen her technique to promote themselves. If you think things couldn't get more complicated, take
patty 3

Patty Grazini’s Eccentric Misfits And Uncommon Characters

Patty Grazini (previously here) has completed a new body of work, and we couldn't be more excited about it. The show is called "Eccentric Misfits and Uncommon Characters", and each character is inspired by the women in the late 19th century.
jdesenhos 2

Incredible 3D Drawings On Paper By Jdesenhos

João Carvalho is a 15 year old Brazilian artist, that goes by the name of Jdesenhos. His mind blowing 3D  drawings appear as popping out of the notebook pages. His technique is truly one of a kind, and has caught the attention of art lovers and art magazines

Digital Paintings By Muraleedharan T

A great find on Behance today is from Muraleedharan t, an India-based digital artist and animator. His works are both in the digital field, as well as in the traditional painting, but these digital drawings are really something else. So candid and surreal, they

Ingenious Video By Ukrainian Band Brunettes Shoot Blondes

It took 14 mobile phones, tablets, and laptops to bring this song into moving images. This clever music video is called “Knock Knock”, played by Ukrainian band Brunettes Shoot Blondes. All I can say is hats off and looking forward to more.  
oliveira 9

Wire Sculptures By David Oliveira

Portuguese artist David Oliveira has an unique approach when it comes to sculpting. Instead of classic materials, he uses wire to create stunning art works. From human silhouettes , to large scale installations, his impressive sculptures caught the attention of the
iliya 13

Watercolor Illustrations By Kareem Iliya

New York-based fashion designer and illustrator, Karrem Iliya, proves that fashion can be more than glitzy-glossy pictures in a high-class fashion magazin. Simple shapes, beautiful silhouettes, and pastel watercolor can be all you need when promoting an already