Guardian Spirit

Kerby Rosanes, The Doodler

It all started with a doodle for the 23-year old Philippines-based illustrator Kerby Rosanes, and it ended up being fine art after all. The whimsical drawings, dominated by lines, patterns, characters, and all sorts of tiny elements, are all popping out of the
herb williams 1

Crayon Installations By Herb Williams

All the colors of the spectrum swirling and colliding into the most unexpected of shapes and forms, this is the art of American artist Herb Williams. And it’s all made of crayons. An art that appeals to all senses. For more of his works, check Herb’s
wild life 3

Emotive Wild Life Portraits By Lukas Holas

Lukas Holas is Graphic Designer & Photographer based in Frydlant, Czech Republic. His series of animal portraits don’t need much introduction. The awesomeness of each shot just speaks for itself. Enjoy! Find more about Lukas on Behance.
Marilyn, 2012

Cork Art By Conrad Engelhardt

With a PhD in chemistry and a passion for art, Conrad Engelhardt combines the best of both worlds in his cork representations. Inspired by Impressionism, Conrad creates his art works using recycled wine corks, in a color palette defined by the chemical
maria 2

Landschaft Mit Haus By Maria Zaikina

Lost in the gap between space and time, the houses in this short-movie created by Maria Zaikina exude so much stillness and calm in such a simple, minimal way. Still, yet very dynamic, the scenery changes right in front of our eyes, passing from one mood to

Memorina – Or How To Make A Computer Game Feel Hand-Made

Memorina is a classical game of matching cards, but it comes with an unexpected twist: the characters, the objects, the scenes, are completely hand-made, using oil, watercolor, pencil, charcoal, pastel, and threads. Even the animation was done by unconventional
Anastasia Kovaleva 19

Delicate Floral Collages By Anastasia Kovaleva

Nature is an endless source of inspiration for any artist, and in any form of art. Belarusian artist Anastasia Kovaleva uses found organic material to create her imaginative and intricate collages.   From dreamy landscapes, to cards and decorative objects,