Marius Pandele: White Noise

With a calmness that shatters the piano’s harmony, he ran his beeing through paint. His meticulous friend, the paintbrush, cut him a place in the setting while the notes were spasmodically beating. The perfect mimesis. Silence. But inside the sheltered interior

Dorel Naste: UNKNOWN identity sharing

UNKNOWN identity sharing is an audio-visual project that aims to render, into images and sound, one of the characteristics of urban space – identity sharing. This type of experience is defined by the accidental or voluntary process of transferring expressions,
© Dragoş Lumpan

European Central Bank Annual Photography Award 2009

Europe stands for unity, for common roots and individual forms of expression, for shared traditions and regional diversities. This year’s Cultural Days of the ECB, of which the ECB Annual Photography Award forms a part, were dedicated to Romania.
chop cap anton groves

Anton Groves: Chop Cup

This project was initially conceived after having noticed the classic tourist perspective tricks that people were taking while on holiday; it is a normal thing to see people trying to ‘hold’ the Eiffel tower in the palm of their hands or ‘squeezing’ the

Romanian Visual Survey 2009

The second edition of Romanian Visual Survey gathers some of the best visual works produced in 2009 in Romania and by Romanian visual artists in general. This year’s selection includes the work of 49 visual artists active in the field of photography, graphic