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Amazing Embroideries That Look Like Hyper-Realistic Paintings

Cayce Zavaglia is a painter. Aside from the usual gouaches and acrylic paints, she creates these amazing portraits by sewing with cotton and silk thread or crewel embroidery wool. She developed her own technique where she uses these materials to create hyper-realistic portraits. From up close, her sewing method looks just like the classic oil painting technique. cayce zavaglia 7 cayce zavaglia 6 cayce zavaglia 5 cayce zavaglia 4 cayce zavaglia 3 cayce zavaglia 2 cayce zavaglia 1 cayce zavaglia 8 cayce zavaglia 9 cayce zavaglia 10

Not only the Recto images look stunning, but the Verso ones are pretty amazing too. In fact, the artist focuses on this kind of presentation of her works, revealing the side of an artwork that usually remains hidden from the viewer.

cayce zavaglia 11 cayce zavaglia 12 cayce zavaglia 13

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