The Opposite of Intention

Andrew Salgado – Paintings

Andrew Salgado’s paintings depict the correlation between masculinity and the medium, exploring the manner in which they abort their literal figurative foundation and commence a vibrant dialog with the viewer through “color, reduction of forms, and triumph of substance as imbued with meaning and metaphor, overt, and suggestive.”

andrew salgado 2 498x571 Andrew Salgado   Paintings

The Opposite of Intention

andrew salgado 1 498x670 Andrew Salgado   Paintings

A Warming Beyond

His work reduces the literalness, revealing  a process of discovery through its own language of painting and representation.

andrew salgado 3 498x400 Andrew Salgado   Paintings

Trust (Self-Portrait I)

andrew salgado 4 498x498 Andrew Salgado   Paintings

The Silence Consumes Every Move

Andrew Salgado was born in 1982, in Canada, and holds an MFA from London’s Chelsea College of Art (2009) and a BFA from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada (2005). He has exhibited in London, Berlin, Oslo, Sydney, Vancouver, Toronto, Merida (Venezuela), Niamey (Niger), Chiang Mai (Thailand), and Busan (Korea).

andrew salgado 7 498x387 Andrew Salgado   Paintings

4 Day Riot

andrew salgado 5 Andrew Salgado   Paintings

The Aftermath

andrew salgado 6 498x534 Andrew Salgado   Paintings

The Ecstasy of Saint Matthew

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  1. william k

    Come on man. I like her too but I’ll at least give her credit when I mimic her work. Jenny Saville.


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