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Butterflies By Victoria Horkan

Leeds based artist Victoria Horkan set out on a journey to reinvent modern. Her works consist of abstract shapes and bold colors, bursting with the emotion of the modern world, the kind of familiar art that you hang on your living room wall and feels like it’s a part of your family.

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She draws her inspiration from the contemporary world surrounding her, modern structures, buildings and graphic design. She defines her art as constantly evolving, leaving her to feel uneasy when she sees her older works.

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Her works not only appeal to the visual sense, but they also have a tactile quality to them, for they are created layering plaster with undiluted oil paint, that gives a rich, but delicate texture to the paintings.

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Victoria finished her MA at the University of Huddersfield and now devotes all of her time to her art. She has already been showcased on the BBC 1 website, exhibited in London, Edinburgh, Belfast and Leeds and has been sold worldwide.

Victoria Horkan (1)

(images via Saatchi)

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