Craig Tracy - Body Painting 13

Craig Tracy – Body Painting

Born, raised and currently living in New Orleans, Craig Tracy graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale Florida and is now the owner of the Craig Tracy Fine Art Bodypainting Gallery.

These paintings, a collection of fifteen unique images, are part of his first series of bodypaintings, The Nature Series. Certain images from his nature series have become iconic, as they are visually, emotionally and creatively relevant. The artists’ belief in the concept that not everything has been done and that we the living have room to grow and explore are fundamental principals that are clear and present in these first works.

“It is my intent to continue to explore and expand the perceptions and boundaries of this most ancient, alluring, and contemporary art form.”

Considered a cornerstone in Bodypaintings progressive movement, today Craig Tracy Bodypaints exclusively as well he owns and operates the very first art gallery in the world dedicated to fine art Bodypainted images. The gallery allows even the most seasoned art collectors and novices alike to see and experience first hand what Bodypainting is ultimately capable of expressing. With a passionate and pioneering spirit Craig personally meets and educates hundreds of people each week in the gallery. The Craig Tracy Gallery is filled with spectacular photographic, paper and canvas prints as well there are numerous videos of the process and books that focus on this art form. Please feel free to visit the gallery if you are ever in or near New Orleans. You will not regret the experience.

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  1. craig gosling

    Fantastic! I am a retired medical and natural science illustrator, so I perhaps enjoy and appreciate your art more than most people. You deserve more exposure.


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