Danielle Huey Kimzey 22

Danielle Huey Kimzey

Danielle Huey Kimzey’s statement on painting:

The conscious exercise of remembering and forgetting is a vehicle for the generation of imagery in my paintings. I am fascinated with how a specific sense of place and time can form our personal history and identity, and yet when we are isolated from this context, what exists out of time remains essential in order to maintain our “selves”.

Certain spaces and possessions define my heritage and aspects of my sense of self, yet are lost or intangible to me in the present. Because of the power of these places to form who I am, I am searching for a definition of who I am without them.

In my paintings, I adjust the perspective and orientation of a room, I rearrange the placement of tables and chairs, and I experiment with different ways of representation. This process allows me to sift through separate recollections and disjointed images, conflating them and isolating them; all in an attempt to search for what is true, or rather, what is myself. I am looking for a connection through painting that will allow me to physically remember a space and take from it what I need from the past, but to then forget and redefine myself in my present place. I see my method as part of a process of reconciliation and acceptance.


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