Charlotte Mann - Wall Art 2

Charlotte Mann – Wall Art

Charlotte Mann is a London-based artist known for her wall drawings and drawn room installations. Her work consists of 1:1 scale drawings on walls made with thick black marker pen on a white background, representing clusters of people, furniture and other scenery.

“I’m fascinated by the paradox of attempting to represent an environment with depth, life-sized but in two dimensions. The question of scale therefore is always based on the viewers physical proximity. The same is true of how perspective functions in my drawings. There can be no single, fixed point of view, so perspective is resolved for each object or grouping or area. Looking at the work, especially the long walls such as the Clarient commission, becomes a combination of seeing the wall as a whole and scaning across the surface.” (Charlotte Mann)

Her work is mainly made to commission, recent works have included large pieces in Milan and Basel. In 2009 she was selected for the final shortlist of the British Surface Design Awards. In 2008 she made the wall drawings for the School of Life class room. She has collaborated several times with fashion designer Peter Jensen, to make room installations for his shows and presentations. Most recently for a presentation in Milk Studios during New York fashion week Fall/Winter 2010.

 (All pictures via Charlotte Mann)

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