Time will heal

Caramelaw – Candy And Monsters And Everything Colorful Illustrations

Sheena Aw a.k.a. Caramelaw  leaves in a world where morbid and cute blend in the super flavored aroma of colorful candy. Her work is inspired by art gurus of all time, like Takashi Murakami, Tado, Simone Legno of Tokidoki, and so on.

Time will heal

Last Vampire CandyNaut

She was raised in Singapore and majored in animation back in college. Her creative works are a bizarre mix of nature, rainbows, colors and monsters, where her love for nature becomes so obvious through flowers and animals and raindrops.

Lolita Family

Caramelaw has done design work for MTV Asia, Sony International, DC Comics, Atomic Snowboard and many others. Won a Silver PROMAX Award back in 2005 for one of her on-air promos for MTV Asia. That made her a very happy girl.  She dreams of producing short animations with my characters and designing for a brand name as Fafi has done for M.A.C. Caramelaw wishes to be Singapore’s very own Tokidoki/Takashi Murakami.

Tiger Translate - Balance

Cherry Lolitas

“I think it’s very important for an artist to be able to connect with people through their art. Whenever I create art, I hope it brings a smile to those who look at it. I get people coming up to me telling me they feel very happy when they look at my art and that is the best gift of all. The colors, the characters and the love that is put into it. I’m glad people are able to feel that.”

My world of madness

You can find more of these eye-candy illustrations by visiting her profiles at DeviantArt, Behance, or her website.


In My World Version 2.0

(All images via Caramelaw)

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