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Daniel Danger – Tiny Media Empire

Daniel Danger is an illustrator and printmaker working out of New England, best known for his screen-printed art prints and posters.

His work “attempts to remind you of something you may have said to someone, or something someone may have said to you; back in that time period thats just too far away to remember clearly, but not so long ago you forgot about it completely.”

Daniels work has been used for bands such as Modest Mouse, The Decemberists, The Pogues, Built to Spill, Converge, Pinback, Fall Out Boy, Silver Jews, Grails, Nada Surf, Snow Patrol, Silversun Pickups, The Rapture, The Assailant, Aloha, Saves the Day, Minus the Bear, The Walkmen, Funeral Diner, The Arcade Fire, Hot Cross, Kelly Osbourne, Bravo Fucking Bravo, Poison the Well, Hot Hot Heat, The String Cheese Incident and many more. He has done work for Penguin Books, The Alamo Drafthouse Theatre, Gelaskins, Magic Bullet Records, Shock Value Records, Somberlain Records, Level-Plane Records, Sanctuary Records, among others.

Daniel runs Tiny Media Empire, a production company who release his art prints and posters, as well as elaborately packaged vinyl records and albums, artwork and vinyl box sets, designer toys, and prints by other art.

To find out more about Daniel and his awesome art, check-out his website and Facebook profile.

(All images via Tinymediaempire)

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