Nataly Abramovich 11

Nataly Abramovich – Illustrations from Kukula Land

Nataly Abramovich, aka Kukula, was born in an isolated village near Tel Aviv. She grew up with Holocaust survivors, which is why her childhood imagination was a mix of fantasy worlds with princesses and horror stories of World War II.  In her works, she tries to suppress the real life hardships through fantastic worlds created in her mind, resulting in slightly contrasting characters: the fairies or princesses display a sad facial expression. Her characters are never depicted smiling.

In terms of composition, the artist’s paintings illustrate the features of doll-like female characters in erotic poses or slightly disturbing, along with other symbolic elements. “Kukula” studied at the Shenkar School of Vital, where she graduated in 2003. Currently she lives and works in San Francisco Bay Area where she collaborates with various art galleries like CoproNason,Corey Helford, Thinkspace, Shooting Gallery and Roq La Rue.

(All images via Kukula)

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