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The Art Of Fernando Hereñú

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1977, Fernando Hereñú, aka Pulpo is a latin american artist long recognized for his complex composition and surrealistic style. His dark style draws its inspiration from earlier generations of cartoon artists, 1970′s comicbook illustration, and the asian classic fine art.

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His work has been shown worldwide, including publications in Los Angeles, London, Brasil, Buenos Aires and México.

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At times Pulpo’s work has had a strong minimalist and simplistic bent while relying on his elaborate language and definite style somewhere between the Art Nouveau images of Audrey Beardsley and the mystical and weird language of the underground American Commix. He was inspired by artists such us Peter Bagge, Yoshitoshi and Travis Millard.
In his style it is important to see the extremes of human shapes elongated and rounded for the ultimate simplistic, dramatic iconic human symbols. Thus illustrating his interest in human imperfection and extremes.”

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In 2002, Pulpo completed his Graphic Design studies at the Universty of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Between 2003 and 2007, he worked as a designer an artist for Cartoon Network & Adult Swim Latin America.

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Pulpo is currently dividing his time between his work as the creative director (and partner) of an online games company, and his artistic career.

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(All images courtesy of Fernando Hereñú)

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