Zoe Lacchei – Breathtaking Illustrations

Zoe Lacchei is an Italian artist, well known for her eclectic art where she’s mixing, in an unmistakable style, her passion for Japanese culture with the modern interpretation of the traditional techniques and materials.



Zoe Lacchei grew up in a small town near Rome, a quiet place far from the chaos of the city. Being isolated has given her a great abstraction and escapism ability, two characteristics which form the basis of her work as an adult. After high school, rather than attending regular academic courses, she focused on the subjects she loved the most, such as human anatomy and Japanese culture.

The Kiss of Vulture


In April 2004 she realized thirteen paintings for the Marilyn Manson’s Gold Disc (Golden Age of the Grotesque), collected afterwards in the original portfolio: Metamorphosis, the art of Zoe Lacchei.

Eat me, Drink me - Marilyn Manson "Metamorphosis" Album

The Redeemer - Marilyn Manson "Metamorphosis" Album

The Witch - Marilyn Manson "Metamorphosis" Album

The Reverend - Marilyn Manson "Metamorphosis" Album

Since 2007 she has been the owner of a studio-gallery in Rome.

The Dragon Lady

Kujira's Revenge

For more of these fantastic illustrations, view the artist’s profile on DeviantArt, and also visit her webpage.

Leda and the Swan

Geisha of the Crows

(All images via Zoe Lacchei)

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  1. the Osmar

    Indescritivelmente maravilhoso!!! Amei a delicadeza dos traços que, em seu todo, atingem de chofre a imaginação… Parabéns, parabéns, parabéns!!! 1 forte abraço,

    the ^..^ Osmar.


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