Jason John – Painter

Jason John pinklining 498x448 Jason John   Painter

Jason on his work:

My interest as an artist is related to how people look back into his or her past to retrieve memories of certain situations. Depending on the situation the individual has experienced can drastically alter the shape of a person’s memory and furthermore, a person’s identity. As a painter and draftsman, I represent particular memory situations from my own life and other people’s stories that have been passed on to me. Some or all of the figures in my paintings are partially concealed by a veil or mask. Concealing the identity of an individual takes away the personal narrative and identity attached to the represented individual or individuals. My artwork is meant to represent each individual or group of individuals in a memory fragment that has been shifted and altered by time and situation.

Jason John The Party Dress 498x530 Jason John   PainterJason John wrapped 498x636 Jason John   Painter Jason John Whats A Girl to do 498x400 Jason John   Painter Jason John Wrappedup 498x385 Jason John   Painter Jason John VironicasWorld 497x520 Jason John   Painter Jason John Unwilling Participant 497x622 Jason John   Painter Jason John Tradesmans Fantacies Jason John   Painter


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