Peruvian Splendor

Julie Bender – Gorgeous Pyrography

The artist Julie Bender uses the ancient craft of wood burning, or pyrography, and creates the most beautiful portraits of nature and animals.  In traditional terms, pyrography is the art of drawing with fire, using a heated tip or wire to burn or scorch designs onto natural surfaces such as wood and leather. The artist creates these amazing works in a gorgeous sepia color, infusing the heat on a smooth wooden surface.

Julie Bender 1 498x403 Julie Bender   Gorgeous Pyrography

Close to you

Julie Bender 7 Julie Bender   Gorgeous Pyrography

Peruvian Splendor

Julie Bender 2 498x633 Julie Bender   Gorgeous Pyrography

Shades of Blue and Red

As I ‘paint with heat,’ I feel a certain parallel between the wild and natural spirits that embody my subjects and the organic and distinctively unforgiving nature of my medium.

Julie Bender 31 Julie Bender   Gorgeous Pyrography
Julie Bender 4 Julie Bender   Gorgeous Pyrography

Tall Tails

 This unusual medium still has me marveling over the fact that my subjects may be brought to life solely by applying heat to wood.

Julie Bender 5 Julie Bender   Gorgeous Pyrography

Above the rest

Julie Bender 6 498x298 Julie Bender   Gorgeous Pyrography

Ready and Waiting

Julie’s award-winning art is displayed in museums with invitational exhibitions, represented in select galleries throughout the United States, featured in various books, catalogs and publications, and is in private collections, including that of Jack Hanna. As a Signature member of the Society of Animal Artists and Artists for Conservation, she is delighted that her portraits can be channeled toward endangered animal awareness and conservation, while just as importantly advocating pyrography’s place in the world of fine art.

Julie Bender 8 498x372 Julie Bender   Gorgeous Pyrography

Bite Me

(All images via Julie Bender)

4 Responses to “Julie Bender – Gorgeous Pyrography”

  1. Marissa @ Sea Flower Studios

    Absolutely stunning!  Peruvian Splendor is absolutely amazing and so detailed! Thank you for sharing this talented artist!

  2. Nativa

    I love your pyrography,I wish to do like you. I’m practice the pyrography technique one years ago. I’m new in this technique, so I need to learn very much. I live in Puerto Rico and now I am your admirer. Thanks for share your work. It’s so so beautyful


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