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Marsha Heimbecker – Fine Art Paintings

Marsha Heimbecker was born in San Francisco, California and grew up in the Bay Area.  She has taken art classes at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and many Bay Area colleges, and she has attended art workshops around the country. Struggling with a familial heart condition she was forced to retire. Fortunately in 2001, Marsha received a heart transplant.  After her recovery, she found great joy and passion in drawing and painting.

Marsha has an appreciation for all the little things and is grateful to be able to wake up in the morning and just look out the window.  She is inspired by many stories and personal triumphs.  She treasures the beauty, color, and energy in what she sees.  She often uses her imagination to paint and express herself using cheerful vibrant colors.  She is forever thankful to her family, the transplant nurses, and the generous donor family for their gift.

Marsha Heimbecker is an emerging fine artist who paints with risk, creativity, and emotion.  Her unique use of vivid colors and bold brushwork reveal her passion for self-expression. Storytelling often becomes her inspiration — the journeys of life.  She hopes to unfold adventures, images, and tales that challenge our senses and awaken our histories.  Marsha’s paintings express movement and invite individual interpretation where emotions are captured, rather than explained.

“I fondly remember childhood stories shared by my father and family.  My favorite memories are these little things.  I am taken with the beauty of life.  I am fortunate.  I paint passionately and enjoy sharing my life stories.”

Marsha is currently a member of POPS and the Sanchez Art Gallery.

(All images via Marsha Heimbecker)

2 Responses to “Marsha Heimbecker – Fine Art Paintings”

  1. Sue Larramendy Young

    Love your art. I posted this link on my wall for support. I am so glad you received the miracle of a heart transplant and that you have used your renewed spirit so beautifully.

  2. Janbmatt

    These are beautiful paintings.  I went to school with you and Sue.
    Janet Benner Matthews


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