Green Sqwear 1

Paper Donut – Anamorphic Graffiti

Paper Donut is a french collective founded in September 2009. Directed by Alexis Facca it’s results from work of many hands: Justine RICAUDFanette GUILLOUD, Benoît BRULBAULT have already given their time to the collective.

Green Sqwear 1 498x331 Paper Donut   Anamorphic Graffiti

birdie num num 1 498x331 Paper Donut   Anamorphic Graffiti

The concept of this collective is based on geometrical paper volumes and space scenography. We use to work a lot with IF Mag, and we also achieved various personal projects, like dresses and fashion accessories. Currently, we are looking for some opportunities or projects.

yellow galaxy 1 498x331 Paper Donut   Anamorphic Graffiti

For more amazing works  from these talented artists, check out their web page.

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