Cruci-fiction, 2002

Steven Spazuk – Fire Drawings

Quebec-based artist Steven Spazuk has a the most unusual technique of drawing: he exposes the canvas to fire and uses the soot left in the surface to etch his drawings. The idea came to him in 2001 and he doesn’t show signs of quitting this technique. He creates smaller scale drawing that look like smokey silhouettes and also larger pieces that are made from hundreds of smaller works, puzzled together to create the most amazing drawings. The works are remarkable, the detailing is incredible and the technique is flawless. Enjoy these works or art!


Ŕ genou, 2007

16 circles, 2005

Cruci-fiction, 2002

Riopelle, 2005



Self portrait, 2007

YouTube Preview Image

(All images via Steven Spazuk)

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