The Art Of David Munroe

Inspired by nature and the environment, David Munroe reinterprets and reinvents the physical world in a colorful, vibrant way, mixing different textures and techniques, and creating beautiful organic paintings. His organic materials are subjected to heat and cold, which alters the nature of the original material, transforming it into an unusual and very beautiful work of art.

Factory Floor 600x477 The Art Of David Munroe

Factory Floor

I notice unusual things everywhere, often in unanticipated places; from the surface of a body of water to the rustic, industrial warehouse floor of a manufacturing facility. Trying to infuse texture, iridescence and illumination into my work, while simultaneously trying to portray depth and balance.

Faulty Front The Art Of David Munroe


Shipwreck full 600x499 The Art Of David Munroe


The “Industrial Series” is an example of such paintings, where the materials used become weathered and rusted with brilliant colors and unusual textures when exposed to the elements.

Assylum Front 600x487 The Art Of David Munroe


Dissused Front Below 1 600x510 The Art Of David Munroe


Dissused Side 1 600x450 The Art Of David Munroe

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