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The Art Of Jeremy Mann

San Francisco based artist Jeremy Mann draws his inspiration from his urban surrounding, painting an intimate and dynamic city, full of drama, mood, and personality. His style is unique, as he uses multiple painting techniques on wood panels, imbuing  his compositions with vivid and atmospheric colors.

Jeremy Mann graduated from Ohio University with a Cum Laude degree in Fine Art-Painting. He earned his Master’s Degree with Valedictorian honors at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Since then, Mann has garnered substantial attention in the art world. Praised by critics and collectors alike, his work recently graced the cover of American Art Collector magazine.

(All images via Jeremy Mann)

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  1. Robert Lynch

    Dear Jeremy,
    Your Art is very original and Impressive. What I’d like to recommend is your Consideration to add Daniel Robert Lynch’s art quote
    on Gallery displays. I noted that you attended AAU. Daniel did also when his life was taken. When you have a moment please visit
    Daniel’s DRL Art Education & Scholarship Program in his honor & memory, Below is his art quote and links to his Art Program

    ” My inspiration is ART….because without art we would just be stuck with reality” By Daniel R. Lynch
    Daniel has been gone 6 years now and his quotation lay dormant and un-noticed until this last year when it has been discovered Big time. I received a notice from a world Famious Artist with his appreciation about Daniel’s DRL Art Program but in particulat his art quote.He noted that in all his years in art Daniel’s quote was the best he had heard or seen. I as Daniel’s Father always just considered it a quote, but now I appreciate it very much. He noted that it was on many Quotation sites, but requested that I vsit because that site requests it’s visitors to rate thie quotes. Daniel’s quote had over 100 “Hit’s in such a short time and had a very High rating. He noted that confirmed his opinion.Please visit and Thank You Jeremy for your time ! Hope 2012-2013 are Great for you !


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