14-Sweet dreams-Francesco Romoli

The Dark City Project By Francesco Romoli

The Dark City project takes a slightly different approach to conceptual photography. Francesco Romoli is combining two series – “Possible Worlds” and “Reality show”- somewhat opposite to one another, using an analogue technique, using a Polaroid, and a digital technique, using image manipulation.

1-Snow day-Francesco Romoli 4-The rocking Horse-Francesco Romoli 5-June 27-Francesco Romoli 6-A Room with a View-Francesco Romoli 8-Winter is coming-Francesco Romoli 9-Spring-Francesco Romoli 12-A Christmas tale-Francesco Romoli 13-Waiting for Santa-Francesco Romoli 14-Sweet dreams-Francesco Romoli 16- Saturday evening-Francesco Romoli 17-Main street-Francesco Romoli

I like to address the issue of reality, questioning our own senses, working on the boundary between the real and the unreal, that dream-like area where nothing is as it seems, where certainties vanish and definitions change their meaning.

10-The attic-Francesco Romoli 14-Sweet dreams-Francesco Romoli 13-Waiting for Santa-Francesco Romoli 12-A Christmas tale-Francesco Romoli 11-December 24-Francesco Romoli

Dark City is disturbing, just as disturbing as losing touch with reality, when differences emerge quickly, points of reference collapse in on themselves, and the certainty of doubt is all that remains.

16- Saturday evening-Francesco Romoli 18-The lighthouse-Francesco Romoli 17-Main street-Francesco Romoli


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