Jordan Matter - Dancers among us 1

Jordan Matter – Dancers among us

Dancers among us is the name of one of the most unusual projects of American photographer Jordan Matter, who is presented with modesty, as “one of the 1,567,892 photographers in New York “.

Jordan says he has turned a hobby into passion and then into an interesting career, something not foreseen in the beginning, but came on its own. For this project he used professional dancers from the best companies in New York, who were drawn into this beautiful adventure.

With this series, Jordan hopes to attract unprecedented attention towards these very talented people we meet daily, in the most ordinary situations, and whose story we do not know.

“I started from this damn recession and what it meant to so many people who lost their job. There are many extremely talented dancers kicked out or chefs left without a job, those who pass by us on the street and whose incredible ability to dance or to prepare exceptional dishes remain the same, at any time. Dance always accompanies a dancer, whether he is paid for what he does, or not”, said Jordan Matter.

Dancers who have agreed to convey this message, joined Jordan in the most popular places in New York where they took dozens, maybe hundreds of photos until they got the right one.

The dancers have tried to be as spontaneous as possible. Obviously, there were problems with authorities. For example, at the Museum of Natural History, they have been asked by the  security agency to stop and leave the premises.

One of the greatest pleasures of the photographer during the making of this project was to capture the reaction of the viewers. “The reactions were incredible: from indifference to honest enthusiasm. That’s exactly what I wanted to surprise, the reactions that these extremely talented dancers evoke on ordinary people.”

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