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Marie Wengler – Creative Digital Photography

Marie Wengler is a talented young digital artist and photographer, whose unmistakable approach to photography results in expressive portraits, depicting the modern individual and its existence in society today, “where technological change is increasingly affecting and changing human relationships and interaction patterns”.

In Marie’s vision, the modern man no longer suppresses his primitive human instincts, but expresses them, in a burst of color and emotion. The juxtaposition of light and darkness, emphasizes the constant battle between who we are and who society expects us to be, the constant “frustration of not living up to society’s demands and standards of perfection and success”.

I seek to further develop my personal experience of art and my artistic expression. I seek to transcend both my own and the viewer’s boundaries when I create art. From previously being less aware of a recurring theme and message in my pictures, I now spend months preparing each image and the overall theme of a series of images before a photo-shoot. I therefore still have lots of ideas to bring alive in the future and I really look forward to this process.

The artist had her first solo solo exhibition this year, in Copenhagen, Denmark. For more information about her and her works, go to

(All images used with permission from Marie Wengler)

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