The Art of Photography Show 2010 is a world-class international exhibition of photographic art which occured from August 28 through November 7, 2010 at the elegant two-level Lyceum Theatre Gallery, a perfect venue for exhibiting a large showcase of awesome photographic art. One of the distinguishing characteristics of this competition and exhibition is that our judge is always a highly acclaimed museum curator or director. The 2009 competition surpassed our expectations, attracting entries from 57 countries. We are working hard to make the 2010 show our best yet!

This is the sixth year of this photographic exhibition. Our mission for this annual project is to create an exceptional presentation of photographic art and a very special cultural offering for the city of San Diego. Our other key goal is to encourage excellence among photographic artists and to provide a great forum for the exhibition and sale their work. We will be pursuing a vigorous marketing and publicity campaign, to bring maximum media attention to the artists who are juried into the exhibition. Our great love of this art form (and being photographic artists ourselves) prompts us to ‘pull out all of the stops’ in order to showcase a truly excellent presentation of photographic art, to elevate and promote this art form, and to provide substantial benefits to the exhibiting artists.

Images created via any form of photography will be accepted for consideration (i.e. shot on film, shot digitally, unaltered shots, alternative process, mixed media, digital manipulations, montages, photograms, etc.), so long as part of the image is photographically created.

Begin by filling out the registration form.

Entries must be submitted as digital files in the JPEG format. Image size must be at least 1500 pixels wide (or high, for a vertical image), and no larger than 3000 pixels, and must be sent via one of these means:

  • Upload via this website (preferred method)
  • Email to: [email protected]
  • Mail a CD to the address below

June 1, 2010: Deadline for submission of Entries, Registration Form and Entry Fee
June 27, 2010: Announcement of accepted entries
July 23, 2010: Deadline for receipt of framed prints
August 28, 2010: Show opens with the Opening Reception Gala
November 7, 2010: Last day of the Show

Our judge, Natasha Egan, will view all of the entries, being projected with an ultra high-resolution digital projector in a very well organized manner. Once she has made her selections for the Show, the artists will all be notified via email on June 27, 2010. Each artist whose art is selected will arrange to print and frame those selected pieces. The “ready to hang” framed prints must be delivered to San Diego by July 23, 2010. So, if your work is selected, you’ll have four weeks to prepare and deliver your framed art.

Selected works need to be framed or have some other form of presentation device and arrive here “ready to hang”. Presentation is very important in our view, so we want to encourage you to professionally prepare your art for the exhibition and sales.

$2,000   1st Place Award
$1,600  2nd Place Award
$1,200   3rd Place Award
$   800   4th Place Award
$   400   (11) Honorable Mention Awards
PLUS: liveBooks is providing grants for three custom designed websites, valued at $1,700 each.

Any person in the world may submit images for consideration. Art must be original, created by the person who enters that work. Entries previously submitted to the Art of Photography Show are eligible for consideration if: A) They were not selected for exhibition, and B) The digital criteria defined above is met. Art which has been exhibited within a previous Art of Photography Show is not eligible.

$25 for the first entry, $10 for each additional entry. There is no limit to the number of entries an artist may enter. Artists who entered work in any previous Art of Photography Show or Art of Digital Show will receive a $15 discount towards the Art of Photography Show 2010. (The registration system will recognize your email address, so be sure to register with the same email address that you used when you registered previously). The “entry fee” is the fee to enter images in this competition. Once the entry deadline has passed, the entry fee is non-refundable.

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