Art Installations By Jacob Dahlgren

Since Warhol immortalised the packaging of everyday life, from Brillo boxes to Campbell’s cans, new products cannot be launched without an intimate consideration of the means by which they are presented. Nowadays, one can only imagine the teams of people dedicated to the shapes of bottles for mineral waters and perfumes or the metallic exoskeleton of mobile phones and mini disc players. Packaging is part of a product’s all-important brand identity, as vital as its logo.

Against this backdrop, Jacob Dahlgren delights in surfaces without being superficial. In what can only be perceived as a deliberate move away from the high-tech, there is something faintly nostalgic about the objects with which Dahlgren chooses to work. He deals in the patterns and curves that a stack of plastic cups makes and the spirals that form if their handles are turned around. Dahlgren evokes a childhood fascination with brightly coloured objects, charting a journey of time spent with mother, from the cotton reels of the haberdashery department to the clothes pegs of the washing line and back to the towers of Stickle Bricks and Lego.

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