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Delicate Glass Sculptures By Amber Cowan

Philadelphia-based sculptor Amber Cowan creates these amazing and intricate glass pieces using techniques like flameworking, blowing, and hot-sculpting. Her delicate and beautiful sculptures are created from recycled or found glass that is usually American pressed glass from the 1940′s-1980′s.

Amber has been working with glass for over ten years and has received both her BFA in Glass from Salisbury University and her MFA in Glass from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia.

“My work involves process driven creation using repetition and manipulation of simple forms. Through delicate and natural transactions during the glass making process, I create painterly compositions by manipulating minimal forms. The forms selected subtly reference femininity but through viral repetition create compositions that reference natural phenomenon, tension, and accrual. This results in a delicate balance between soft organic shapes and menacing forms in a tactile lair of siren-like imagery. I am interested in creating compositions that are beautifully inviting yet have a corporeal intangibility that is also repelling. From a distance the evocative form and pallet lure the viewer into treacherous lairs of dangerous beauty.”

(via Amber Cowan)

2 Responses to “Delicate Glass Sculptures By Amber Cowan”

  1. Karen

    These are pretty cool, but her obnoxiously pretentious “artistic statement” makes me want to puke.

    Get over yourself, honey. You ain’t all that.

  2. Dixon

    Cool work. Too much verbal wankery in the description–the artist should save the self-petting for the bedroom, n’est-ce pas?–but the work itself is thought provoking.


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